Memorial Day on Main Street

Who doesn’t love a parade? Due to a family picnic, we missed our town’s Memorial Day parade this year, but here’s a second look at some great scenes from a past parade.  Thank you to all our vets for their outstanding service, and Happy Memorial Day!

These photos were taken at our Memorial Day parade down Main Street on Sunday, May 27, 2012.  This year it was attended by 61 naval personnel along with Rear Admiral Tim Alexander, Commander Navy Region Mid-Atlantic.  It was a wonderful way to pay our respects to our military personnel both past and present and remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

All photos are property of Mom Meets Blog

6 thoughts on “Memorial Day on Main Street

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  2. Beautiful. Great job with the photos. It’s hard not to see pix of soldiers in uniform without being moved. Thank you for the faithful follow. You’ve been on my page a lot. I appreciate your audience.

    Happy holidays,

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