The Itsy, Bitsy Spider. . .

As summer vacation drew to a close and my son went off to school this morning, he reminded me to be sure to check in on our new tenant, Charlotte.  Charlotte has taken up residence on our terrace,  commandeering our patio umbrella and chairs.  Ever since Charlotte set up housekeeping out there, we’ve had to  be very careful not to disturb her home whenever we walk out onto the terrace – my husband nearly demolished her  little condo when he stepped out there yesterday while reading the newspaper.  Charlotte, our friendly neighborhood spider, is an industrious little thing, having woven several webs between our patio umbrella and chairs over the past week or so.  When she’s not web-slinging, she tends to hide inside the umbrella, perhaps taking a nap.  It’s been so interesting watching her over the last week and we wonder how long she’ll stay; my son hopes forever, but I’m guessing until the fall when the weather turns cooler.

To remember her when she finally does decide to depart (isn’t it bad luck to evict a spider?), my son and I put together a little video of Charlotte in action – hope you’ll enjoy watching our little squatter as much as we have.

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