In Memory of Tater Tots

When my 12-year-old son gets home from school, we always have a little chat about his day.  As he gets older, those chats seem to get shorter, sprinkled with generous helpings of “nothing much” or “same as yesterday”, but I usually wrangle out the details about the social studies test, or the funny thing his science teacher said, or any cafeteria antics.  When we get to that part, I always ask what he ate for lunch that day.  I normally expect to hear his standard menu of tater tots (‘potatoes are a vegetable, mom!’) and a carton of milk.  At a lanky 85 lbs., I always encourage him to eat more at lunch, citing that he needs the energy to finish out the rest of the school day.

Apparently, he was listening.  Today’s menu went something like this:

Him:  For lunch I had. . .

 A cheeseburger,


and a taco;


two fudge chip cookies,

fudge chip cookie

and some green beans (!?!?!);

cafeteria green beans

a  pretzel,


and some milk.

Studio Shot of milk carton. Image shot 2012. Exact date unknown.

Me:  Wow – you ate all that?

Him:  Well, I couldn’t finish the pretzel.

Me:  What. . .

no tater tots?


Him:  Mom (cue eye roll), nobody eats tater tots anymore.   Are we done now?  I’m hungry – can I have a snack? And when’s dinner?

No more tater tots?!?!  It’s a sad day for the folks at Ore-Ida, to be sure.  But what’s with the snarky attitude and appetite spike? A hormonal shift must be causing this disturbance in the force.   Now what will I do with the 3 bags of Crispy Crowns in my freezer?  

Photos courtesy of Google Images

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