Snacking & Me: Not Perfect Together


I saw this on Instagram today and it really resonated with me.  After being told by my doctor at my yearly physical that my alarming weight gain was probably not caused by my thyroid or perimenopause but by Entenmann’s, I’ve been forced to reexamine my eating habits.  Or more specifically my snacking habits.  I snack like a ninja on a rescue mission – silently, stealthily and without witnesses. And I’ll admit that this has led to my snacking getting way out of control.  So in answer to that age-old philosophical question, ‘if I open the giant bar of Toblerone hidden in the big stock pot at the back of the cabinet and sneak-eat in the laundry room, does it make me fat?’ – the answer is  yes.
To that end check out  A Parent’s Guide to Snacking on the Sly by blogger Jess Ullrich at The Momma Review and treat it as a cautionary tale.  While the reasons leading to sneaky snacking are totally valid, for the sake of my waistline I’ll be going through my home and purging all my secret stashes.  And fishing the Hershey’s Kisses out of my bra.
Do you snack on the sly?  What are your secret hiding places? Let me know in the comments!

12 thoughts on “Snacking & Me: Not Perfect Together

  1. Oh my gosh! This is so me! I wait until my daughter leaves for her evening classes and my son is safely up in his room jamming to his music then I sneak dessert. Then, when everyone is congregated back in the kitchen later in the evening for a snack, I act like I haven’t eaten anything and join them! I feel so liberated confessing this, but then, they’ll never see this, so maybe it’s not so liberating.

    I told my Hubby that I really need to lose a few pounds but he insists I don’t. Maybe this is because he too has put on a few pounds through the years. I wonder if he snacks secretly too? Definitely going to have to tear the house apart when he’s gone to see if I can find his hiding spots. Who knows, maybe he’s got something better hidden than me.

  2. I will often pretend to by washing dishes by the sink, when in fact, I’m chewing! But where I really do damage is after they go to bed, you know, when everything you eat really sticks to your thighs, yup thats my favorite time! 🙂 So true Great Post

    • Thank you so much! My sister-in-law told me that she stops all eating at 7 and goes to bed at 10; I wish I had that discipline, but I like staying up late! I have been clearing out my hiding places though and practicing portion control – let’s see how that goes. . . 🙂

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