I Drive a Volkswagen, but I Love the Acura RDX Commercial (Thanks to Blondie)

Blondie collageIf you were a teenager in the 1980s then you’ll remember Debbie Harry, the platinum-haired songstress known as Blondie. Her waifish prettiness and punk chic edge made girls want to be her and boys fall in love with her. As a medium skin toned, curly-haired brunette there was no way I could imitate the Blondie look, but I copied her signature red pout whenever I could (which means when my mom wasn’t looking). Even my husband has confessed that Blondie was his first celebrity crush.
Call Me, One Way or Another, and Heart of Glass were among the songs that made up the soundtrack of my teenage years. So when I heard the hit Rapture (performed by Chelsea Ranger) featured in the Acura RDX car commercial I felt A) old and B) delighted. I love this song and the commercial is fun (featuring Fab Five Freddy in the boardroom!) Of course I know all the words so singing is mandatory whenever the commercial airs despite my teenage son’s protests (‘Just don’t sing, Mom. Please.’) Here it is, feel free to sing away!  I know I always will.
I love my Volkswagen Passat, but when my lease is up maybe we’ll talk, Acura. Because there’s always room for more Blondie, check out the original Rapture: