If I Were Attending the Oscars, This is What I’d Wear

black & white ball gown skirt


My favorite part of the Oscars (and for a lot of folks if Pinterest is any indication) is watching the celebrities walk the red carpet. Who wore what, how, and why is endlessly fascinating to me, I suppose because I will probably never be in a position to wear anything that fancy-shmancy. The last time I wore anything that might even be considered remotely appropriate on a red carpet was on my wedding day – and we’re talking appropriate for a red carpet in the 1980s. And chances are I probably won’t have the opportunity to wear anything that ritzy again until my son’s wedding, and that’s a loooong way off.

But if I were to end up somehow attending the Oscars I would be a) astounded – how the hell did  that happen?? and b) determined not to end up on some worst dressed list. My watchwords are understated, elegant and classic.

So when I saw this Carolina Herrera ball skirt paired with a simple white shirt, I knew it was made for me.

Understated? Yes.

Elegant? Absolutely.

Classic? You betcha!

Safe and boring? Perhaps, but I prefer to think of it as timeless. And the fun part is I get to snazz it up with accessories!! Red carpet-worthy accessories. . .

I’d add a pop of color with this ruby and diamond necklace from Harry Winston:

harry winston vintage

With such a statement necklace I’d keep the earrings simple, again with Harry Winston:

harry winston micropave earrings

I’ll forgo a bracelet in favor of a ring, like this antique beauty circa 1915 via Sotheby’s:

diamond ring circa 1915

Some Jimmy Choo shoes:

Jimmy Choo Tinga

and a Marchesa clutch; something small because the skirt has pockets!!

marchesa stringray purse

So what do you think about my Oscar wardrobe choices? What would you wear? Let me know in the comments!

Complete Your Wardrobe With Only 10 Pairs Of Shoes – Seriously.

Do you have shoes, shoes everywhere but not a pair to wear?  My husband can’t understand why one woman would need so many pairs of shoes – he obviously doesn’t appreciate the nuances between flats, pumps, sandals, wedges – and don’t get me started on boots!  But recently I came across this video claiming that you can complete your wardrobe with only 10 pairs of shoes.
That’s right, 10.  Avowed shoe-whore that I am, I eyed this video with a bit of skepticism, ready to cry foul – but it turns out that these 10 suggestions are a good place to start!
Watching this I learned that not only am I lacking statement heels, but I also need to inject a shot of color into my shoe wardrobe.  Isn’t education wonderful? Check out the video below and see if you agree: