If I Were Attending the Oscars, This is What I’d Wear

black & white ball gown skirt


My favorite part of the Oscars (and for a lot of folks if Pinterest is any indication) is watching the celebrities walk the red carpet. Who wore what, how, and why is endlessly fascinating to me, I suppose because I will probably never be in a position to wear anything that fancy-shmancy. The last time I wore anything that might even be considered remotely appropriate on a red carpet was on my wedding day – and we’re talking appropriate for a red carpet in the 1980s. And chances are I probably won’t have the opportunity to wear anything that ritzy again until my son’s wedding, and that’s a loooong way off.

But if I were to end up somehow attending the Oscars I would be a) astounded – how the hell did  that happen?? and b) determined not to end up on some worst dressed list. My watchwords are understated, elegant and classic.

So when I saw this Carolina Herrera ball skirt paired with a simple white shirt, I knew it was made for me.

Understated? Yes.

Elegant? Absolutely.

Classic? You betcha!

Safe and boring? Perhaps, but I prefer to think of it as timeless. And the fun part is I get to snazz it up with accessories!! Red carpet-worthy accessories. . .

I’d add a pop of color with this ruby and diamond necklace from Harry Winston:

harry winston vintage

With such a statement necklace I’d keep the earrings simple, again with Harry Winston:

harry winston micropave earrings

I’ll forgo a bracelet in favor of a ring, like this antique beauty circa 1915 via Sotheby’s:

diamond ring circa 1915

Some Jimmy Choo shoes:

Jimmy Choo Tinga

and a Marchesa clutch; something small because the skirt has pockets!!

marchesa stringray purse

So what do you think about my Oscar wardrobe choices? What would you wear? Let me know in the comments!

9 thoughts on “If I Were Attending the Oscars, This is What I’d Wear

      • I have to confess to being a jewelry nut. I started making my own years ago, and at this point I have more jewelry than anyone really needs. And I wear a bracelet and ring pretty much every day…except for on jeans and hoodie days, which I must admit are fairly frequent…

  1. Love the dress! I have often thought about this and personally think its a little unfair that us “normal” people can’t have the opportunity to dress up and be glamorous for one evening! Just one that is all I would like! Give me somewhere to go in this and I would be just fine! 🙂

  2. The outfit, a brooch based on the necklace and a matching pair of ear studs and a fiber-thin silver ring with a setting also based on the necklace, but skip the necklace and all other jewelry. A black plain neckband that barely peeks out of the collar, to balance the black/white. Black flat riding boots.

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